Why Privacy Encoder

Because supporting you on your Compliance journey is our mission!

Easy, isn’t it?

Our job is to provide agile, high-performance operational support, enabling the implementation of Privacy By Design within business processes.

100% GDPR Oriented


As we all know, Privacy is a dynamic subject that changes with the evolution of new technologies, which can make processing more invasive for those concerned.

Through Privacy Encoder, the Data Controller will be able to design the Privacy Structure, starting from the definition of the organisational chart up to the Privacy Impact Assessment, passing through the mapping of Assets, the Analysis of Extra E.E.A. Transfers, and the Analysis of Privacy Risks on individual processing operations.

Privacy Encoder, in addition to being a Cloud portal, is also a hybrid network of professionals and technological assets working synergistically to analyse and find solutions to emerging needs in the Data Protection sector.


intuitive and easy-to-use

Designed to optimize management times


always up to date

Services always up to date to the current privacy legislation


international service

A multilingual service for customized management software for every need


cloud security

SaaS application able to guarantee the most advanced safety standards


completely customizable

You can select the modules your company needs


essential for your company

The perfect solutions for managing GDPR requirements


a.i. ready

Artificial Intelligence to support your business processes


highly specialized team

Get in touch highly specialized developers and legal experts in Data Protection

The privacy encoder team


We are a highly specialised team in IT law with vertical expertise in Data Protection.

The main challenge for companies is certainly to be able to govern all the processing of personal data and at the same time be able to demonstrate compliance through Accountability.

Our work consists of researching and developing innovative tools that can act as a link between the evolution of new technologies and business needs.

Our mission is to create business-oriented solutions for the optimisation of data management in compliance with regulations. 

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